As we already communicated in our previous blog post, we took actions to clarify the situation.

An independent authority SGS (IAS accredited) did a test and we received their report dated on Feb 8 regarding Naphtaléne.

The report showed the tested Naty diapers contain NO Naphtaléne. SGS report ordered by the other Naty factory, Paksel in Nov 2016, showed also negative result on Naphtaléne

Following our action points, we have questioned the test executed by 60 Millions magazine. We have asked 60 million to clarify where did they get Naty diapers from and how many diapers where tested. We are now requesting 60 Millions magazine to re-do the test. 

We will keep you update as soon as we have more information. So far have we no answer from the magazine.

Marlene Sandberg

Naty AB CEO and Founder


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