The number one certified eco diaper delivered at your door

Living green can be very easy: Subscribe, and have all the use of diapers (and wipes, if you wish so) conveniently delivered at home, regularly every month, or at any other pace of your choice. As simple as that, and good business too. You get free shipping and 15% off compared with a purchase from the webshop. Feel free to change the subscription content and frequency any time. And let us know now and then when it’s time to upgrade the diaper size!

The never ending aim for ecological excellence includes all our product lines. So, while other eco companies will keep using plastic made of oil, the Eco by Naty baby- and bath care bottles will all be made of sugar cane. A natural, renewable material that makes both nature and humans happier. For the benefit of the summoned positive ecological effect, we welcome other manufacturers to adapt the idea!

Last but not least, a true affair of the heart for us: Today we are well on the way to realize the next big ecological step: The 100% compostable diaper. Look out for future reports to come!