We are expanding!
Since our very first beginning, in Sweden 1994, we have conquered markets as the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Canada and Australia. But we are not done yet, our work against a plastic- and nasty chemical-free planet has just begun!
Our next country: South Korea
Recently in South Korea, there have been serious studies about the materials contained in commercial diapers and sanitary pads. Scientists found that most products had a large amount of the nasty chemical volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phthalates which can be a danger not only to the environment but to human health. Many brands were tested in the studies as well as Eco by Naty, and our femcare line was one of few that came out totally clean - with no nasty chemicals.
Since we haven't operated in the South Korean market yet, we decided that now is definitely the time! Therefore, we are very excited to announce that we finally launched our webshop in South Korea. Our hope is that more people will be able to buy plant based and chemical-free intimate care and diapers that are kind to the body and to the planet.
If you want to find a retailer near you, have a look at our full list of retailers on the link below.