At Naty, the health of the children comes first. Since 1994 Naty has been working hard to provide safe and environmentally friendly choice of diapers to parents around the world. We always follow our principles not to compromise on quality and we are the only brand who is openly declaring ingredients of our diapers. It came to our attention that our diapers along with other brands were tested and published in the French magazine. We take very seriously any comments about our products and we would like to address the situation here.


On January 24th, «60 million consumers» magazine published the results of a test carried out on 12 brands of diapers. According to the article it was a question of verifying the presence in these layers of a dozen toxic substances "particularly liable to present a health risk for babies: allergens, endocrine disruptors, substances classified CMR is potentially carcinogenic". Naty’s diaper test results showed that no pesticide, no dioxin, no PAH, no allergen, no heavy metals, phenols or residual solvents have been found. Attention was directed to the trace amounts of a VOC or volatile organic compound: naphthalene, which was within acceptable values - 0.04 while the standard is 0.1. Even though the level of naphthalene was within standard values we were very surprised by this result given the fact that this substance can’t be in our diapers.

Our Safety

We confirm that naphthalene (in any form) does not enter into the composition of the layer nor in its manufacturing process. We bring the utmost care to the composition of the layers. We do not use any carcinogenic or mutagenic compounds in the manufacture of our layers and apply a precautionary principle to suspected toxic molecules. Naphthalene simply is not part of our products.

As a part of a standard quality assurance process our products undergo a rigorous testing. According to tests performed on November 10th, 2016 by independent authorities (SGS, IAS accredited) where 0 naphthalene in the Naty diaper. (see Attachment 1).

Our Action

As a company we stand for our values and the safety of our products is our first priority. Our diapers don’t contain any harmful substance as was confirmed by SGS tests (see Attachment 1) and there is no naphthalene in our diapers, that’s why we are questioning the results of the «60 million consumers» magazine tests.

  1. 1. We have asked the magazine to clarify how did they perform the test and where did they get Naty diapers from.
  2. 2. We have requested tests to be performed by independent authorities 

We are committed to provide safe and environmentally friendly solutions to the babies and families worldwide and we will continue quality testing by independent and respectful authorities.

Marlene Sandberg
Naty AB CEO and Founder


Attachment 1