Naty Comments on the Avis from Anses 23rd of January
Object: Naty comments on the report from Anses published on the 23rd of January 2019
First of all, Naty AB strongly supports the demarche and recommendations coming from Anses in order to have better and safer baby diapers available on the market. Our belief since the birth of Naty in 1994 has always been that the current regulation (REACH) is not strict enough, and we have been working hard to create a better product with a special focus on the chemical and environmental aspects. There are two parts that are important for the end consumer; the chemical part and the eco aspect.
Naty has constantly been investing in the research and development of ecological baby care products. During our long journey, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge and are today one of the leading brands within the area of ecological baby care products. While there is a lack of clear definition on “ecological products”, we have chosen to provide ecological baby products through adapting as much renewable materials as possible in our baby diapers, something we firmly believe is a better and more sustainable choice for both the environment and babies, especially compared to using materials made of fossil raw material. We are the first brand globally that has been certified by Vincotte to ensure they contain renewable and bio-based material.

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Since the start off the company we have used the toughest third part regulations as products used by babies needs third party regulations. Our new diaper is build with a breakthrough innovative technology. We have been working with the research and development for the new generation over the last three years in order to complete a total of seven new raw materials - from oil based to bio-based and renewable materials. It is the first diaper globally with only bio- or natural based certified material against the baby’s skin.
We test our diaper twice. In addition to certifying our products, we screen each ingredient for over 200 chemicals at an independent laboratory in France. We have been appointing environmental chemistry engineer experts to secure a chemical analysis of the new materials we use in our new generation. We are proud that our diaper in the recent chemical analyses in 60 million was declared to not contain any harmful chemicals.

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To ensure transparency we have applied and been certified by OEKO-TEX®. OEKO-TEX® is completely independent from manufacturers and public agencies, OEKO-TEX® has scrupulously inspected all the materials in Eco by Naty diapers to detect any undesirable substances.

Enclosure 3 (OEKO-TEX® certification).

Eco by Naty has tested, verified and certified The STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX®. We have been certified by appointing a third-party certified and rigorously tested for harmful substances and chemicals in our ingredients and materials.
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Marlene Sandberg
CEO and Founder of Naty