Are you planning on hosting a more environmental friendly baby shower?
Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to know where to start. That's why we have gathered all our favourite ideas in one post to help you. What's better than welcoming future babies with a cleaner planet and brighter future? Together we can all make a difference. In this way you can spread the word about green living and celebrate life in a safe, clean and healthy way.
1. Start with a unique invite
The most environmental friendly way to send out invites is probably to do it digitally through, for example, email. It is an easy and affective way to spread the word and keep track of all replies. Check out Evite to make the invites more special. However, some want physical invites. Then a seeded card might be right for you. It is a great way to reduce paper waste. When the card is planted it composts leaving only wild flowers and soil. Doesn't that sound amazing? Your guests will also be able to keep a nice memory.

2. Give eco gifts
In the invite, encourage the guests to wrap their presents in recyclable paper, newspaper or baby blankets. Also, inspire them to buy more green baby products like for example organic clothing or wood toys.

3. Decorate more environmentally friendly
Let's skip all those plastic decorations that just end up on the landfill not doing much good. Instead, use real flowers to decorate with. A baby shower is a celebration of life so what’s a better way to symbolise that than with real flowers? The centrepiece of the baby shower is of course the nappy cake with Eco by Naty nappies. Since we make the most environmental friendly disposable nappies on the market it is the obvious choice if you want to focus on an environmental friendly baby shower. These nappies are the best choice for the coming baby since they are free from toxins, allergy friendly and better for mother nature. Another tip is to use organic baby clothes, that are gifts to the expected baby, as a decor.

4. Cook delicious fresh food
First of all, skip the plastic tableware. Instead, use your nicest china or environmental friendly alternatives to disposable cutlery. Also, when making the delicious food, keep these simple rules in mind:
  • Buy as much organic food as possible
  • Buy in season fruits and vegetables
  • Serve less meat, cheese and milk
  • If possible, eat more food raw to save energy
  • Eat locally produced
  • Buy food with as little packaging possible

5. Make memories
To get a good and fun atmosphere some activities are always appreciated by the guests. If the expecting parents have a garden a tree could be planted in the baby's honour. What a great way to make an impact. The nappy cake guessing game is also a hit. How many nappies is the cake constructed with? What baby items are hidden inside? What nappy brand is cake made with?

Another fun game is to ask all the guests to bring a baby photo of themselves. Then all the photos are placed on a board, the fridge or table for the guests to match the right baby photo with the right guest. In the end ask all guests to share their most memorable story from their own childhood. This will unquestionably make people at the baby shower shed a few tears of joy and make your eco baby shower memorable.

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