Quote – David Orr

Short and to the point – David Orr. 

When we heal the earn,
we heal ourselves.

David Orr - Quote

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Naty´s new pack sizes for eco diapers/nappies

At Naty we have new pack sizes for our eco nappies/diapers

Unfortunately we have noted some remarks in relation to the changes we have recently made to our pack sizes, which have slightly reduced the number of nappies/diapers per pack. First and foremost, we are sorry to hear that some of our loyal Naty friends do not believe they are getting the same value for money as before.

Naty ECO diapers/nappies in economy packWhen it comes to the setting of retail price in the consumer retail sector we can only give a Recommended Retail Price. The ultimate decision on the retail price is down to the individual retailer.

We are fully aware that we are slightly more expensive than standard nappies (however we are still cheaper than many of the other “green/eco” nappy providers, especially when measured against performance and quality) but at the same time developing the greenest nappy on the market does cost considerably much more than any conventional product, which in the majority is based on synthetic materials (oil based plastics as opposed to our natural Corn material).

Consumers are becoming more health conscious and switching to preventive measures, rather than reactionary ones. Products with ingredients that are more natural, eco-friendly and sustainable are more and more in demanded in the market, and are a major factor in influencing purchasing decisions. As a consequence the industry and thereby us, confronts certain challenges in coping with the demand of natural ingredients used.

The costs of many natural ingredients has increased for the past two years by almost 25%. Also Naty is constantly striving to reduce our energy consumption and consistently reducing carbon dioxide pollution with new innovative production lines. This (amongst other conscious actions for being a sustainable company), by using the least polluting transportation modes using where possible, such as renewable fuels and energy.

Our approach is a natural one. We want to use natural products whenever and wherever possible in our diapers/nappies and we will always strive to improve on that front. We want to change the negative impact on our environment, we want to change the world and we truly are thankful for your help in this journey.


Quote – Marlene Sandberg – Founder and CEO – Naty

– Like many people of my generation I was becoming much more environmentally aware, says Marlene. At the same time, I had a busy life and I did not see that washing diaper/nappies would fit into that schedule.

Marlene recalls that period as being a time of environmental awakening, but also of uncertainty. Uncertainty in how to make a difference with two young sons and a demanding career.

Naty by Nature Babycare - Quote - Marlene Sandberg - Founder CEO Naty

» Read more about Naty´s founder and CEO, Marlene Sandberg´s, history: http://www.naty.com/about-us/company-history/


Quote – Jim Valvano

We agree with Jim Valvano – Love and support your child. <3 

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person.
He believed in me.

– Jim Valvano

Naty by Nature Babycare - Quote - Jim Valvano


Naty´s Eco baby wipes to prevent skin problems

Dermatologists are reporting increasing numbers of parents and carers presenting with skin problems linked to using disposable baby wipes.

The preservative, methylisothiazolinone or MI, an ingredient used to prevent bacterial infection in wet wipes, is now the most common cause of dermatitis in patients sampled.

MI is not used in any of Naty´s wipes. Our wipes are made from 100% natural materials, hypo-allergenic, and contain NO Allergens, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Toxins, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Synthetic Fragrance, Gluten or Nuts – http://www.naty.com/baby-care/our-products/

Naty by Nature Babycare - Fact - Natural Renewable Materials


Plastic free diapers/nappies with GM free corn based film

Naty´s diapers/nappies with GM Free Corn Based Film. 

Instead of using plastic film made from oil, we use a film that is made from GM free corn starch. This film is fully compostable, certified to BS EN13432 standard, and as effective as plastic with added health benefits.

Do you use diapers/nappies with plastic film?

Read more here: http://www.naty.com/baby-care/our-products/

Plastic free diapers/nappies with GM free corn based film


Naty Eco Charity – Saris Änglar

Our founder and CEO, Marlene Sandberg, decided to give some clothes to the charity organization Saris Änglar (eng: Saris Angels). 

Saris Änglar helps the homeless, families, children and others with clothing, food, toiletries, toys and anything else that might be needed. The goal is to help as many people as possible in our community. We at Naty hopes that the clothes will found new homes soon.


Naty eco diapers on Gisele Bundchen´s baby Vivian

Naty eco diapers was the choice when super model Gisele Bundchen and her one-year-old daughter Vivian was on vacation in Costa Rica.

Naty - Diaper Nappies - Gisele Bundchen baby

At Naty we think that Gisele Bundchen especially like your ecologic values for Baby Care:

  • Naturally Breathable
  • Chlorine and Fragrance Free
  • GM Corn Based Film
  • GM Free Corn Based Film
  • Natural Renewable Material

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Sale – organic baby clothes

Sale with 50% for all our clothes of 100% certified organic cotton.

Let your baby and child wear clothes that meets the criteria of the worlds toughest eco-labelling – ”Good Environmental Choice” by the SSNC.

»»» Click here now for the offers » http://bit.ly/NatySale50procent

Naty is an entrepreneurial company founded by Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother. We provide ecological options in personal care with our Nature Babycare range, organic baby textile range and our Nature Womencare range. Our products are a natural choice for environmentally aware parents and women.

Sale 50 procent for organic baby clothes by Naty

Die biologische Kinderkleidung von Naty

Wir bei Naty erweitern unser Angebot an biologischen Produkten um ein biologisches kinderkleidungsortiment, für Kinder bi 4 Jahre. Farbe und Design sind minimalistisch aber zeitlos und spiegeln die skandinavische Tradition schlichter Funktionalität. Die Kleidung wird aus sorgfältig ausgesuchter, 100% biologischer, vorgewaschener Baumwolle höchster Qualität hergestellt. Sie ist praktisch, bequem und ästhetisch. Marlene Sandberg, Naty’s CEO sagt hierzu:”Wir sind sehr aufgeregt unsere erste Kleidungskollektion einem globalen Markt zu präsentieren. Ich habe mich von meiner Heimat Schweden inspirieren lassen, um stilvolle, bequeme Kinderkleidung in schönen Farben und mit Stickereien zu entwerfen, in der die Kinder das ganze Jahr über, drinnen und draußen spielen können”.  Sie finden sie unter der Rubrik “Kleidung”, über die Sie auch zu unseren Webshop gelangen.

Naty in der engeren Auswahl bei der Junior Design Awards

Wir sind sowohl in der Kategorie Baby Fashion Design als auch in der Kategorie Eco Nappy vertreten.
Junior Design Awards

Natys Kinderkleidung-Linie

Lesen Sie mehr über Natys Kinderkleidung-Linie in Natural Child World Magazine

Natural Child World Magazine berichtet in seiner letzten Ausgabe über Natys Kinderkleidung aus biologische Baumwolle.

Naty gewinnt gleich 2 Junior Design Awards!

We’re thrilled to announce that Naty by Nature Babycare has been chosen the winner of categories Best Eco Nappy and Best Designer Fashion in Junior Design Awards!

Junior Design Awards
Junior Design Awards

Hinter den Kulissen

Naty's Textile Photo Shoot Naty’s Creative Director Torbjörn mit seinem Team “backstage” in Kopenhagen. Klicken Sie auf das Bild um das Ergebnis zu sehen. Wir sind stolz wie Oskar!