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Organic certified baby clothing

Organic certified baby clothing

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About the Product
  • 100% certified organic cotton

  • Swedish design

  • Go green in a beautiful way

  • Prewashed and non-shrinkable fabrics

  • European production

  • GM-free

Product Description

Our baby clothes are made of the best organic fabric we could get. The organic cottons is naturally grown without any chemicals and is GM free. There is cheaper cotton, we know. But it normally takes 1 ton chemical to produce 1 ton non organic cotton. We cound have produced the baby clothes for half of the price but we are very commited and believe that we need to take care of the environment.

Organic Clothing

Our baby clothes are made with the best organic fabric we could find. The organic fabric is naturally grown without any chemicals and 100% GM-free, which means it only involves an insignificant burden on the environment. It has achieved the label "Bra Miljöval"/“Good environmental choice” certified by the Swedish Environmental Foundation. The cost to produce organic clothing is significantly higher when the outcome for the farmer is 15% lower, while the area for growing the cotton is double in size. There is cheaper cotton out there, we know. But this cotton is using 1 ton of chemicals to produce 1 ton of cotton. We could have produced baby clothing at half the price, but we are determined to, and believe that we need to take care of the environment. The world today needs every effort, small and big, for more common sense and better ethics.

Independent Certification

Eco by Naty's organic clothing has achieveed the label "Good Environmental Choice" Textile Criteria 2012:1 from The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). It is Sweden's largest environmental organisation and has used Good Environmental Choice criteria for textiles since 1996. These criteria have recently been revised. Demands are now higher on both constituent fibres and the processing of fibre to finished product. There are requirements for both natural fibres being organic and the synthetic fibres to be recycled. Many of the processing requirements are similar to the GOTS certificaiton, but the label's "Good Environmental Choice" requirements are generally more demanding.

Ecolabelling of textiles

A comparison of three different systems

A comparison of three different systems.