Some good reasons to become a Naty Ambassador

Do it because you believe that the green path is superior to the common highway of non-eco products that cause a huge negative impact on nature and humans. Do it to join the green revolution.

Do it for the discounts and other perks of being an Ambassador. Do it to exchange experiences with other likeminded parents. Do it to learn to navigate in the green jungle, where it is hard to know what eco is good, and what is mediocre.

Do it because Eco by Naty is the only diaper that is independently eco certified by the toughest eco organization in the world. Do it because the more people who choose the truly good ecological products, the greater the summoned positive effect will become, for nature and for humans. Do it because your actions count.

Do it because it is the way any movement grows strong, by people, one by one, acting on what they believe in.

Do it because this particular movement is worldwide, fast growing and unstoppable. Sign up, and join 60 000 other Naty Ambassadors!

Current Ambassador Promotions:

What it means to be an ambassador:

Being an ambassador means that you share our vision of a healthy planet with sustainable solutions wherever possible. As a thank you to our 60 000 ambassadors for making our voice stronger, we add exclusive offers from time to time in our webshop.

Who are we?

Naty is the leading innovative eco company, and we are determined to stay so. This demands hard work, through research and million-dollar investments. Once you have decided to make a real difference, there are no shortcuts.