What to pack in the hospital bag
As your delivery date draws closer you’re probably wondering what to pack in your hospital bag. There are countless articles all over telling you what you need and should get [1]. We’ve compiled a list of what most mothers recommend as “must haves” for the hospital bag.

To Keep in Mind
Pack the bag around two weeks before the due date (or earlier if you have a high-risk pregnancy) [2]. When packing keep in mind you don’t want to over or under pack, and it’s best to customize the bag for you and your needs.

What to Pack?
1. The Bag
You’re probably considering getting a hospital bag, so why not get that done immediately? Most hospital bags out there are that cute, or useful [3]. The Eco by Naty Maternity Bag delivers a level of versatility, function, and organization (lots of pockets), other hospital bags do not [7]. Furthermore, its forest-inspired design is made from 100% organic cotton and works perfectly as a stylish diaper bag too!
The bag is prepacked with the following:
  • Eco by Naty diaper size 1 [8]
  • Eco by Naty unscented wipes [9]
  • Eco by Naty Rash cream [10]

2. Clothes for You
While we understand the desire to look cute, especially for the photos you might be taking, keep in mind that labor and delivery are rather messy. Therefore, it’s better to keep things simple and comfortable with a capital C! Most mothers recommend taking three or four outfits (labor, delivery, and afterwards) [4]. Think along the lines of an old black t-shirt dress for the labor and delivery, something you don’t mind if it gets messy [6]. For afterwards bring soft pants or the maternity leggings you’ve been wearing: they’re not going to feel too big. Make sure to pack a couple of nursing bras or tops, as well as lots of dark underwear since you’ll be bleeding for a while afterwards. As for the nighttime you might want to bring a gown with open front, great for breast feeding [5].

3. Clothes for the Baby
Since you don’t know how long you’ll be at the hospital it’s a good idea to bring a few different outfits in multiple sizes to see what fits your little one the best [6]! Keep in mind newborns are sensitive to temperature, and while the maternity ward tends to be warm it’s good to bring socks, bodysuits, and hats. Another thing which might be good to pack are bags for dirty clothing [5]. Cloth bags work for this, or you can use our biodegradable bags [11].

4. Slippers
In all likelihood you’ll be walking around the hospital. You probably don’t want to walk barefoot, and your feet might get cold during delivery [5]. Because of these things it’s a good idea to pack slippers, or non-skid socks.

5. Nursing Pads
While it isn’t uncommon for some mother’s milk to come in a few days after birth, it can be sooner [1]. If that’s the case, you’re going to need nursing pads [6]. Fortunately, we have you cover here! Our nursing pads are made from organic cotton, and have no added chemicals [12]. Perfect for you and your breasts!

6. Phone and Charger
You can end up spending a long time at the hospital, and an e-book, tv-series, or some time on social media could be a nice way to pass the time [2]. It is probably better to bring only one electronic device, and arguably your phone is the best for these needs. Most phones these days also double as a camera, which is perfect for taking videos and pictures of the little one [3]. If you rather bring your camera for the pictures, don’t forget to charge the battery, and pack extra memory cards [6]. Also, remember to bring chargers and even a power bank.

7. Lip balm or coconut oil
Seriously hospitals are really dry to begin with, and then during labor you’re quite hot. Dry lips feel bad all the time and can be even more irritating while in labor [5]. Pack lip balm or coconut oil to help with the dryness.

8. Snacks & water
You’re going to appreciate being able to lay down and drink water, which is not as easy from a glass. Bring a reusable bottle, non-plastic of course [15]! Additionally, there is no way you can be sure the hospital will have the food and snacks you like; packing a lot of those in case you get hungry is a good as well [2].

9. Toiletries
At some point you’re going to want to freshen up, but you don’t need everything you usually use. Skip the make-up, creams, and moisturizers, and go for the hairbrush, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. If you want eco and sensitive products, check out our bath and body care [13], which also has the perfect toiletries for your baby’s sensitive skin [14]. Sometimes babies have nails when born and adding nail clippers to the toiletry bag isn’t a bad idea (alternatively pack mittens so they don’t scratch themselves) [5].

This might seem like an odd one since hospitals do have pillows but is actually recommended by midwives [5]. The reasoning is you’ll have a pillow you like and can be comforting during and post labor. Also, if you leave your room for whatever reason, the hospital staff knows that the room is occupied, and you’ll know the room is yours since your pillow will be there waiting for you [5].

11. Headband or ponytail holder
Great for keeping your hair out of your face during labor, delivery, and nursing [2]! Really a must!

12. Car seat
This is essential when you’re taking the car home from the hospital. Make sure to check that the car seat is approved for infants, and that you know how to use it in advance (including the seatbelts) [6]. As long as we’re discussing the car make sure you have enough fuel in it, and that you have plenty of change for a meter [4]!

Those are our recommendations for what you pack in your hospital bag. What have you all heard, or found is important to include?

Last Updated: 2018.08.29

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