Plastics and harmful substances in a nursery Content

In a nursery the bed can hold and let go of hazardous chemicals. The mattress might contain flame retardants and a mattress cover in plastic terry may contain harmful phthalates. Foam may contain solvent residues from production. Try to avoid composite wood products in a nursery that might contain formaldehyde. It can cause nose and throat irritation, breathing trouble, and other health problems.
lf the vinyl flooring or wallpaper in the nursery is made of PVC it can contain harmful substances such as phthalates and other sub­stances that make plastics soft. Vinyl may encourage growth and give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
What you can do:
  • Air the mattress before use.
  • Since many chemicals get caught in the dust it is important to vacuum regularly.
  • Choose a paper-based or natural-fiber wallpaper variety.
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