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Can you go green without giving up performance? Find out for free with our Trial Box!

Yes, you can. The fact that Eco by Naty is the number one selling eco diaper is one proof of that. Another proof is the abundance of worldwide awards for both performance and ecological excellence during 24 years. But don’t take our word for it. Order our Trial Box and try it out for yoursel!

The seed to becoming the leading green diaper was planted the moment Marlene Sandberg founded Naty, stating: “If you want ecological products to be successful, they must perform at least as good as traditional ones.” Since then it has been 24 years of hard work and million dollar investments in groundbreaking ecological innovations – recently acknowledged with a new milestone: Eco by Naty diapers are the first to be independently certified by AB Vincotte, one of the world’s most demanding eco organizations.
What you get:
  • 10 eco diapers with independent certification by Vincotte
  • Naty Eco News and Crown
  • Recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association
How it works:
  • Choose your desired size (size 1-4)
  • Add the product to cart and check out
  • Receive our certified diapers and experience the difference!