Potty Liners

Flushable & Fully biodegradable - 3x10ct

Flushable & Fully biodegradable - 3x10ct

About the Product
  • The biodegradable potty inserts are made of a biodegradable PVOH bio film. They are formulated to start disintegrating quickly after being exposed to lukewarm water (the warmer the water, the quicker the disintegration!) and are completely safe to flush down the sewer

Product Description

The potty liners are designed to fit our plant based Potty. When we designed the plant based potty, we wanted to combine our minimalist, Scandinavian heritage with a high-tech look that is as functional for everyday family life as it looks good in the bathroom. The primary form is a sphere with fitted functional parts, everything made in our superior, renewable sugar cane material. Plant based potty is carefully tested to ensure comfort for the child and has a rubber ring attached to the base to eliminate any wobble.

How to Use

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