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Naty wins German ‘Best Eco Nappy’ award

Prestigious German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, known for their thorough research and honest journalism, have just voted Eco by Naty the ‘Best Eco Nappy’ out of 11 market leaders. Yay! Find out what they had to say about Naty by reading the translated review here.

Nowadays, lots of new nappy brands are claiming to be organic. We’ve tested 11 eco brands in everyday life to see how they stand up.



From Barbara Vorsamer

One brand that has become synonymous with nappies is Pampers. Their manufacturer Procter & Gamble have a market share of almost 70 % and Pampers take a massive 98.6 % share of the nappies ordered on Amazon (as of 2017).

Many new brands, like Lillydoo, Eco by Naty and M&Y Nappychat, are trying to win over those customers, especially since nappies are an ideal product for subscription models. Baby food manufacturer, Hipp, have also expanded on their portfolio by entering the nappy market.

Gentle, pure, green – this is the vocabulary needed if you want to score points with demanding young parents.

Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic for this target group, and there is unlikely a product that generates more waste than disposable nappies. In some communities they account for 10% percent of the residual waste, and a child gets through 4000 to 6000 nappies before they are toilet trained. Which adds up to one tonne of waste and 550 kilograms of CO₂ emissions.

Those who are serious about protecting the environment use either cloth nappies or join the nappy-free movement. These are people that claim children have control over their excrements from birth and that using nappies only gets in the way of that. For those for find these steps too extreme, we have tested disposable nappies that claim to be eco-friendly. Or at least, more eco-friendly than regular disposable nappies.




Eco by Naty

The absorbent

"We would have liked more of these nappies, as we were very happy. They look nice, not at all like a typical eco-nappy, and they are soft and easy to put on. The leak protection and absorbency are very good, and there were no skin irritations with the children. You can buy the brand in selected organic shops or online. The Naty nappy also scores points when it comes to environmental protection, it can boast numerous certificates from strict testing organisations: OK-Biobased from Vincotte and TÜV Austria, it is vegan and free of harmful substances according to Öko-Tex 100. 40 to 60 percent of the materials used are renewable, and the packaging is made of sugar cane instead of plastic. Do we need to add that no chlorine, no fragrances and no lotions as well?  Despite the high price this is clearly our test winner. One point is deducted for the use of petroleum-based super absorbers, though unfortunately no nappy that has passed the practical test can do without."

Size: 4+

Price: 0,37 Euro* per piece

Rating: 9 out of 10 points




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