What nature welcomes,

your body will love

We are driving the change to safer products with no toxic chemicals, renewable and compostable materials

Switch to certified compostable materials

To use renewable and compostable materials that are good for the environment and the health of our bodies with no hazardous chemicals.

To guarantee this we test twice: each raw material and product in an independent lab down to nanogram well below the EU regulation level of milligram.

Stop putting oil based plastic on your skin!

Why would you wear oil plastic when plant based period protection is available? Switch to 100% compostable materials that are safe for your body and the planet.

Menstruation by numbers

During her life each woman, on average, throws away 200kg of plastic from used period products. Treat your skin with consciousness, you are worth it.

0% toxic chemicals

Your skin is an ingestion organ, as well as the largest organ in your body! Most of what you put on your skin enters the body.

Let our certs do the talking

Eco friendly products have become big business, which means plenty of companies are happy to greenwash their customers. Naty was born 26 years ago, way before the ‘green trend’, and we've always used hard work and transparency to sell our products.


There are no legal requirements on the ingredient list but high demands from millennials. Go ahead and check out our ingredients on the packs and across our site!

0% oil plastic on skin

At Naty we use renewable and compostable materials whenever possible. The conventional oil based plastic has been replaced with a plant based material on baby skin.

OK Biobased

We are using plant based material in our packaging with an independent certification on the renewability of each material.

8 of 19 product lines are made of compostable or plant based material with independent certifications

Sustainability our way

We have achieved international success by conducting business in a fair and ethical way and we continue creating positive impact through efficcient use of resources as well as developing renewable materials.

Supporting diversity

At Naty you can make a career regardless of gender and nationality. Our workforce is diverse, and this is how we like it! Our global leadership team consists of as many women as men and our office in Stockholm is a melting pot of languages and age groups.

Sustainability report

We constantly improve our products and seek to find new and better solutions that benefit both our customers and society, challenge established multinationals and seek long-term partnerships with our business partners to change the way we work together in a more responsible way.

Why we do what we do, to radically change the way the market works to protect the planet through enabling a person to make conscious choices and empower- ing people to change society.

Our entrepreneurial culture fosters innovation and we pursue it with excellence in a transparent way. We want to help people living a healthier lifestyle and raise awareness about environmental issues for the future of our planet and its natural resources.

Use of resources

Production: Naty works with selected manufacturers who act responsible and follow their country’s laws and regulations as well as Naty’s specific requirements: code of conduct, working environment, protecting the rights of Manufacturer’s employees, no child labour, minimize impact of environment.

Transportation: The best alternative from an environmental perspective is chosen: Sea freights are preferred, truck freights on land, air freights are avoided.

Fair and ethical: The company is Swedish and pay full corporate tax in Sweden. Neither the ingredients nor finished products are tested on animals.