60 Millions
Recently Naty proudly posted on our social media channels that we received a fantastic rating from 60 million de consommateurs. Here, we explain why we’re so proud of this, and what it means moving forward.

What is 60 millions de consommateur?
It is a French magazine published by the National Institute of consumption (INC) and was first printed in the 1970s. The drive behind the magazine was to go in-depth on consumer products, hence the name which translates to 60 Million Consumers [1]. The mission is to "group, produce, analyze and disseminate information, studies, surveys and trials " and is created by professional journalists working in close collaboration with INC engineers, lawyers, economists, and documentarists [2].
They do independent testing and break the results down to make is easier for the everyday consumer to understand. Their test ranges from healthcare, to technology, and always remains objective in its results, stating only the facts, and no opinions [3].
How it works?
Every summer 60 Million publishes a report on baby brands. The items they test ranges from diapers and wipes, to toiletries and milk! For each product they have there are one or two main categories with several subsections where they are given 0-20 points (which can be seen in the plus/minus rating system). At the bottom of each brand they give the average score out of 20 and rank the products from best to worst.
In the diaper category they have two main categories Performance (60% of the score) and composition (40% of the score) both of which have a few subcategories. The magazine also lists general information such as certifications, price, and cost per diaper, but does not take these into account when ranking or distributing points [4].
For the wipes there were separate categories depending on the usage of the wipe. In the regular wipe and flushable wipes, the categories/subcategories were the same. However, instead of giving a total average as they have done previously they use the plus/minus system to indicate how good a brand’s product is which can be seen below. Toiletries were also tested and ranked in the same manner [4].
Naty’s Results
Naty was included in the categories of diapers, wipes (flushable and regular), rash cream and shower gel. Overall, we ranked incredibly well! We took top place in both wipes’ categories, as well as in the toiletries which were tested! On diapers we tied for third place, with the only critique being a leaking issue when the diaper is wet and has been on for a while. Also, we were the only brand who consistently had ecological certifications across the board! See the results for yourself below:

We’re incredibly proud of these results and plan is to keep getting better! We’ve already made corrections to the diapers, which is one of the reasons why we’ve launched out new generation. You can find those here! Our plan is to keep improving our current product line, and possibly start research some new projects.

Last Updated: 2018.09.26


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