The Maternity Collection
After many years of research and development Naty’s long awaited maternity line has finally arrived! You saw our baby clothing line launched in 2015 (currently available only in the UK), and after listening to your desires we’ve created one for mothers as well. We wanted to give you all the highlights on how they were created and were the inspiration came from. Read on to discover the details on Naty’s new Maternity Collection.

The Inspiration
Naty finds inspiration in all things around us, from the problem’s plastic production causes to the sun casting light and shadows on the forest floor; ideas to create and design surround us. For this clothing line the inspiration came from both nature and experience.
The collection is designed by Marlene herself, with a focus on comfort for the expecting mother. Marlene’s experience when she was pregnant was that maternity clothes were either laid back and comfy or overly dressy, tending to be impractical. After experiencing this, the plan was to make a fashionable maternity line that was also comfortable.
Nature as an inspiration for this collection shouldn’t come as a surprise as care for the earth is the main reason Naty was founded. Our maternity bag's colors and textures were also nature inspired with the original one developed after spending time along the shores of lake Mälaren, and the current one was created after walks in the forests of Hälsingland.
For this collection nature comes in predominately through the color pallet. The crisp white comes from the snowfall during the Nordic winters, where the countries are covered in a blanket of fluffy snow. Icy crystals and delicate winter skies brushed with clouds lead to the soft blue stripes in the cozy sweaters. The vibrant stone greys of the Norwegian mountains during the late winter months inspired the main color of this collection. Meanwhile the deep blues, which are details on most of the clothing, were decided upon after seeing the shores of the Baltic in late autumn.

The Design
Our promise is to always provide you with natural, nasty chemical free products, and this collection is no different. The entire collection is made from 100% organic cotton, which is naturally grown without pesticides, and GMO free. We knew the importance of the textile used and worked hard to ensure we selected the best material and the best source.
Organic cotton is costly to use since the farming takes up more land and requires extra labor to produce. While there are cheaper alternatives, we refuse to use these since for every ton of non-organic cotton produced, there is a least a ton of hazardous chemicals used. In order to keep our promises to you and to take care of the environment we only use the highest quality cotton, which does make the collection more expensive then the average maternity clothing line.
The elegant minimalistic design of the maternity clothing emphases a timeless style with hits of contemporary elements. Our traditional Scandinavian roots show through with the simplicity in the shape, and the functionalism elements are clear in the design itself. All of the tops are created with cozy long sleeves and the lightweight cotton will keep you at the perfect temperature. The designed and the textiles were developed in Sweden while the clothes were ethically produced in Latvia.

The Certification
We couldn’t make a clothing line for mothers without ensuring we have the certifications. This clothing line has received the label "Bra Miljöval"/ “Good Environmental Choice” the Textile Criteria 2012:1 from The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). The SSNC is Sweden's largest environmental organization and has been the Swedish standard for textiles since 1996, still holding the highest textile criteria. In order to receive the certification from the SSNC the natural fibers must be organic and if there are any synthetic fibers used, they must come from recycled textiles, as well as able to be recycled themselves.
The requirements for many of the processing requirements are similar to the GOTS certification, but the label's "Good Environmental Choice" requirements are overall more demanding.
The collection is available exclusively at! We can’t wait to see you wearing it!