• Naturally Breathable
  • GM Free corn based
  • Natural & Renewable material
  • Chlorine & fragrance free

Naturally Breathable

We use a corn starch film made according to the highest industry quality standards, as a leakage barrier. This barrier is as effective as plastic, but unlike plastic it allows air to reach the baby’s delicate skin, thus causing less irritation. The film also naturally keeps harmful bacteria and pathogens out.

GM Free corn based

Instead of using plastic film made from oil, we use a film that is made from GM free corn starch. This film is fully compostable, certified to BS EN13432 standard, and as effective as plastic with added health benefits. Obtained Certificate

Natural & Renewable material

Our philosophy is to improve our products continuously so they affect the environment as little as possible. By employing innovative solutions,
the aim is to use as much natural and renewable material in our products without losing out on performance. Obtained Certificate

Chlorine & fragrance free

We use only totally chlorine free (TCF) pulp in our diapers. TCF is a technique that uses no chlorine compounds for the bleaching of wood pulp. This prevents the formation of dioxins, highly carcinogenic pollutants within the product. Naty’s diapers and Pull on Pants are fragrance free and recommended by SWEDISH ASTHMA AND ALLERGY ASSOCIATION. Obtained Certificate