Naty ProductionWhat are Nature Babycare nappies made of?

Rather than basing so much of the nappy on oil as other brands do, Nature Babycare nappies use cornstarch and other natural ingredients wherever possible. While the nappies are not 100% biodegradable yet, we are proud of the steps we have taken to provide you with an environmentally friendly nappy.

Nature Babycare nappies consist of chlorine free pulp to help with absorption, a backsheet and distribution center based on corn, as well as chlorine free cellulose in the nappy. To further improve the absorption of our nappies we use a small amount of SAP.

Do Nature Babycare nappies contain latex?

We can assure you that our nappies do not contain any latex. There is therefore no risk from latex protein allergies resulting from their use.

What is the Nature Babycare packaging made of?

We are currently testing a new alternative sustainable & biodegradable packaging material, and hope to release it onto the market soon.

Do you use super-absorbents in your products?

We do use a small amount of super absorbents in Nature Babycare nappies. Super-absorbent granules are widely employed within the disposable nappy industry to enhance absorption performance and leakage protection. They have enjoyed a long, safe history of use spanning some twenty years in nappies, as well as other products such as feminine care and adult incontinence nappies. SAP technology has developed considerably over the years but has evolved around the same basic chemistry, of Sodium Polyacrylate salts together with surface cross linking agents.

The super-absorbent in common use is absolutely safe and has been thoroughly tested in all aspects for allergic reaction and toxicity.

Without super-absorbent the performance of the nappy would be much less effective due to the absorbent capacity being much lower. This would have a negative impact on the dryness of the nappy with increased risk of nappy rash, as well as requiring more frequent nappy changes. However, at Nature Babycare we do use less super absorbents than many leading brands.

Why does the Nature Babycare range include both scented and unscented wipes?

While nearly all of our products are completely unscented, including our toiletries and nappies, we do offer a lightly scented version of our wipes. Obviously, the scent is not necessary in order for the wipe to work properly. However, we have a large demand for the lightly scented version of our Nature Babycare wipes from parents around the world.

The product is still based on natural viscose and biodegradable just like our other wipes. In fact, our lightly scented wipes have won awards such as the Mother & Baby Award as well as the TIPS Highly Commended Award, both from the UK.

For those interested in an unscented version of Nature Babycare, we offer fragrance free wipes in nearly all markets.

Does Naty test on animals?

At Naty, we have a very strong ethic regarding animal tests and we can confirm that none of our products are tested on animals.