Five ways to grill climate smart

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1. Opt for a lot of green and less meat

To become a climate grill master, first of all, think about what you put on the grill.Investing and very green – it’s the most important thing. One skewers with fresh vegetables and a piece of meat as an accessory is much smarter than climate such as a flint steak.

During summer and fall, many Swedish vegetables in season. Choose organic vegetables in the first place. If you grill meat, choose organic or meat from animals that have grazed out in Swedish pastures, known as Swedish pastureland.

2nd Ignition grill right

There are several climate-friendly way to light the grill:

  • Chimney Lighters – a metal that gives glow to the briquettes or coals using some newsprint. Incredibly efficient and best way to get thud on barbecue coals.
  • Eltändare. Make sure the harness is labeled with Good Environmental Choice.
  • Light the paper with candle wax as a base instead of paraffin. Hammaro Lights have lit paper labeled with Good Environmental Choice.
  • Lighter fluid made from ethanol. The climate is smarter than the usual lighter fluid of paraffin. Paraffin can cause damage if it comes out in the wild or if a child would have it in him.

Remember that the gas used in a gas grill gives carbon emissions that affect the climate when it is burned.

3rd Use FSC-certified charcoal

FSC is a labeling of forest products means that the forest can be better managed from an environmental perspective. Nature Conservation Society works to improve environmental standards further in the FSC. Check the origin of the coals, if possible choose locally – short ones are generally better for the climate.

4. Make your own grill oil

Ready grill oil often contains palm oil contributes to destruction of rain forests, displacement of indigenous people and eradication of orangutans. SSNC will soon be pushing the Swedish company so that they begin to choose nice palm oil. In anticipation of the turn quickly self together an eco-friendly alternative: Mix organic, locally produced rapeseed oil, a little soy sauce and a bunch of herbs. Or maybe organic olive oil, lemon and fresh basil. Plenty!

5th Recycle

Disposable grill is an unnecessary environmental villain that contain paraffin and devour much energy to produce. If you use disposable or aluminum foil when grilling, do not forget to toss it in the recycling of metal packaging. This helps avoid children and animals injured by the debris.

Roast in a quiet, was climate and enjoy the summer everyone!