At Naty, we are proud of our products. We are the leading eco nappies brand declaring its ECO ingredients.

Other nappies can claim to be green but still use massive amounts of oil-based plastics. We knew there had to be a better way to make nappies. That’s why we’ve spent many years perfecting our eco nappies by eliminating as much non-biodegradable materials as possible while still maintaining performance and comfort. Our eco nappies are completely unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin), and are hypo-allergenic. Go green without giving up performance!

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  1. Sophie Mitchell says:

    Absolutely amazing nappies. Can’t get over how soft they are & they don’t leave any nasty rashes on my children. Brilliant.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Sophie.
    As one of the few in the world of eco nappies we are open with all our ecologic commitments.
    You can read more about our work here:

  3. Jo says:

    Hi, I currently use a size 5 nappy each night for my child, but am finding these a bit snug. I have been trying to source a size 6, but realise from looking at your website that you only do pull ups in this size – I am disappointed that this is the case, as your pull ups are good (we use occasionally) but for us the nappies work best at night. Will probably have to move on to pull ups, but would have preferred the nappies as the pants are more likely to leak.

  4. Thank you for your message Josephine.
    We do have size 6 nappies (35+ lbs, 16+ kg) – we´re going to update the site soon. :-)
    By the way where do you shop the Naty nappies normally?

  5. Jo Sunderland says:

    Hi Magnus, Since posting, I have found sites selling size 6 nappies, so glad to hear that these are not a discontinued line. Generally buy at Boots, but sometimes buy via Amazon (neither currently have size 6 nappies available to order). Very glad to hear that you do still do a size 6 nappy and look forward to moving on to these for night use. Thanks. Jo

  6. Lovely to read Jo! :-)

  7. chris says:

    Hi. I live in Australia and absolutely love your products of nappies and wipes. It makes a huge difference for my son and I’m so glad I found naty nappies. I am also very reassured that there is no bleach and other chemicals in your wipes which is hard to come by these days.
    However when I was at coles supermarket today(Australia) and couldn’t find naty nappies, I was told by one of the staff that they won’t be getting any more of naty nappies. I’ll have to look for it somewhere else but I wanted to bring your attention if this was something that you were aware of. If so i would be really disappointed. Could u let me know? Thanks!!

  8. We’re happy to tell you Coles are still selling our eco nappies. However we’re currently in the middle of introducing our new product packaging so there may be some out of stocks whilst this occurs.

  9. Hayley says:

    I’m a little confused about which nappies to buy. I’m just stocking up as my baby is due in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know how long an average size baby (slight assumption I know) will be in size 1 nappies for and how many will be needed?
    I did just slightly worry that the kg range next to each size relates to the size of the baby but I assume that this is not the case! Any guidance would be great.

  10. Sally says:

    I just found My 10month old had torn her naty nappy and I found her eating the gel crystals! I’m sure she only ingested a tiny amount and will monitor her. At the moment she seems her normal happy self but is there anything I should do?

  11. Frank says:

    Hi, I am maybe wrong but earlier when I bought size 2 it was labled up to 18 lb. Now it says only 13 lb. Did you change the weight limit? Thanks for letting me know.

  12. Thank you for your question Frank. We have updated the design and packaging so some sizes has changed weight limits. Please see the pic above for the right weight limits.

  13. SAP ingestion
    Thank you for your email Sally.
    We are sorry to learn about the unusual problem you have experienced with our diapers and appreciate you taking the time to let us know what has happened.
    Superabsorbent granules have a long safe history of use and are fully appropriate for use in baby nappies/diapers. There are no known toxicity or long term health risks attached to normal exposure to this substance. The gel should of course be contained within the nappy/diaper core, but we can assure you that if a child were to accidentally ingest the crystals, they would pass through the body naturally and would not be expected to cause any lasting harm. However if your child were to appear unwell as a result of ingesting Super absorber, in common with any other substance not intended for consumption, we would of course advise you to seek medical attention for your child immediately.
    Thank you again for bringing this important matter to our attention and we look forward to hearing from you.

  14. Hi Hayley. The number of nappies a child uses is different from child to child.
    You can search on the net for other parents answers – example:

    About the sizes you can see our recommendations on the image above – our weight ranges.

  15. Meera Gohil says:

    Hi…i m really worried abt nappy rash….when my baby born i used nappy n she got bad rash….i have stop using any nappy for anow….i m scared to use any….but i hv been doing research on diff nappies….however it make me more confuse….all i want is rash free nappy….i heard abt honest nappy but i cant get it where i live….

  16. Thank you for your message Meera. Most nappies are not eco friendly as Naty´s are.
    You can see where you can buy our eco nappies here:
    If your store doesn´t have them – tell them to start selling them :-)
    Good luck from us at Naty

  17. Beth says:

    While it’s nice to have eco-friendly material, I am really interested in reducing my landfill waste. I find that many of diapers that boast ‘natural’ materials really aren’t any earth-friendlier than the mass brands if they are going into a landfill with no oxygen, resulting in no decomposition. So for those of us looking for a diaper that will not go into a landfill, will these diapers fit the bill?

    If you could provide more education, I would appreciate it!

  18. Thank you for your question concerning our eco nappies Beth.

    In common with all other disposable nappies, Nature Babycare is unsuitable for home composting, and you should not attempt this. Whilst our eco nappies consist of up to 60% renewable raw materials, they are not 100% bio-degradable at this time.

    These renewable raw materials come from sustainably managed agricultural & forestry operations. During the growth phase of these pre-cursor plants, Co2 is of course absorbed from the atmosphere. Additionally by using these naturally based materials in preference to more commonly used oil based equivalents we are reducing the amount of fossil based resource in each of our nappies. By using Naty by Nature Babycare compared to other disposable nappies you are actively helping to reduce the green house effect.
    However the best way to dispose of them is still to put them in our disposal bags and into the normal household waste bin.

    Please find below summary of the environmental aspects of the Naty by Nature Babycare eco nappies:
    • 60% of the content is biodegradable and of biological origin.
    • The tissue in the back sheet lamination is made of natural tree-pulp TCF-pulp (totally chlorine free).
    • The printing colour on the nappies is OK compost certified. This certificate confirms that the printing ink is free of heavy metals injurious to health.
    • The film used as a back sheet is a compostable film, certified by the ”Ok Compost” label, based on the guidelines of the European normalization committee O 06-098-A and issued by AIB Vincotte.
    • The compostable film is 100 % GM free.
    • The compostable film is not only watertight but also “breathes” resulting in an airier, drier and more comfortable diaper.
    • The pulp is totally chlorine free.
    • The high loft is made of PLA, which is a 100 % compostable material.

    Naty is at the forefront of R&D on “natural” alternatives (to the non-natural material currently present in the traditional nappies) that can maintain the same level of performance of traditional nappies.

    When considering the environmental impact of our products we consider NOT ONLY the end of the cycle (disposition/landfill) BUT ALSO the beginning of the cycle (sourcing of the raw materials).

    Naty invests most of its resources to develop products that maintain premium performance while reducing its non-renewable content, toxicity and its environmental impact.

    We will continue to work hard on this.

    If you have any more enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  19. Norma says:

    I was wondering… As your nappy range sizes overlap eg size 3 is 9 to 20lbs and size 4 is 15 to 40lbs… My granddaughter is currently 18lbs….. So do I buy size 3 or 4… How do I work this one out please?

    The dilemma is …she is a long baby as opposed to a short chunky baby so do I go for size 3 as that may be a narrower nappy? Or does the size 4 accomodated the long depth?

    Any help please?

  20. Thank you for your question Norma.
    The sizing of our nappies is in line with other leading brands of disposable nappies in the market place. It is not uncommon however for some children to experience a less than ideal nappy fit although they may fall within the recommended weight range of a particular nappy size. Babies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and although their weight may be within a certain range, their body shape can vary significantly. The only practical solution is to try a larger or smaller size of nappy to achieve an optimum fit. According to our knowledge, babies use size 4 the longest period of time, so maybe size 4 would be a better choice.
    All the best.

  21. Monika says:

    I really love them, quite better than pampers or anything else! I was wondering why they have not been so popular.

  22. Thank you Monika – you are welcome to tell others about us. :-)

  23. Brian White says:

    Hi. Both major supermarkets in Australia are currently out of stock of the size 3 nappies in their online store. Is that a coincidence or are there supply issues?

  24. You are right Brian – not all supermarkets have our eco nappies in their online stores.
    You can find all online stores here:

  25. Jessica Thomas says:

    Hi, I was wondering if childcare centres are eligible to buy naty nappies wholesale, would love to see my centre start using eco nappies as they go through over 100 nappies each day. Xx

  26. Thank you for your question Jessica. The best way to get a fast answer is to to go and fill in the form.

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