More than 20 years ago, Marlene Sandberg found herself thinking about eco nappies, and doing so on a regular basis. She was the mother of two boys, a corporate lawyer, and had a burgeoning sense of environmental awareness.

It was during this period that Marlene came across a newspaper article reporting on the damaging effect that disposable nappies had on the Swedish environment. On average, every Swedish baby was responsible for a half-ton of dirty nappies every year. So the nappies kept piling up, due in part to the material in traditional disposable nappies being predominately oil-derived plastic.

Company History - Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother, CEO and founder of Naty by Nature babycareMarlene recalls that period as being a time of environmental awakening, but also of uncertainty. Uncertainty in how to make a difference with two young sons and a demanding career. “Like many people of my generation I was becoming much more environmentally aware,” says Marlene. “At the same time, I had a busy life and I did not see that washing nappies would fit into that schedule.”

Marlene knew there would be challenges along the way to an environmentally friendly nappy. Instead of backing down from those challenges though, she embraced them, saying, “I don’t believe in compromises or shortcuts. If you want an eco-friendly nappy to be successful, it must perform at least as well as, or better than, the best traditional nappy.”

After five years of hard work, research and development, Marlene formed Naty and launched a biodegradable and environmentally friendly disposable nappy onto the market. This was followed by the launch of a line of baby care products ranging from skincare and eco wipes, to nappies and eco pull-on-pants.

Nature Babycare eco nappies are the number one green alternative when it comes to disposable nappies. That is thanks to Marlene’s philosophy. “I started my company with the determination to make a high-performance nappy that was friendlier on nature and healthier for your child. Nature Babycare and Nature Womencare products are all that.”