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insie_pockets_smallerNATY_bag_front_yellow Naty_purse_holder_smallNaty_white_Keyring_small

Naty´s fashionable diaper/nappy bag

We are designing a fashionable and very stylish undercover diaper / shoulder bag. Stylish moms will no longer have to sacrifice their fashion sense in the name of motherhood. Best thing about this diaper bag is that the quality fabrics used are in 100% certified, washable, organic cotton and its smart designs make it wearable for long after the diaper rash cream is needed.

This diaper bag has all of the great features that mom’s look for, like tons of pockets to fit everything mom and baby possibly need. Fully in line with Naty’s philosophy the Naty diaper bag will be made of the finest ECO/organic materials using an all-natural process without the use of synthetic preservatives to respect and embrace the value of sustainability and its effects on the environment.

The Naty Diaper Bag will be selectively distributed in higher end department stores and retailed for approx. 100 €. But exclusively for you Ambassadors you will have the opportunity to wear one at production cost of 25€.